The dog days are over

I didn't wear contacts or glasses in class this morning, AND I stood in the back.

I thought it would be a good opportunity to focus more on how my body feels in each asana and less on what I project in the mirror. My form is pretty solid so I figured that I could forgo sight today. Wrong. I kept loosing my balance and was totally unsure of when the instructor was correcting me because I couldn't see her eyes and she didn't know my name.

Instructor this morning has not always been my favorite, I never felt like she pushed hard enough but this morning I really enjoyed her class. Her positivity was refreshing and I sure needed that because I was blind. Ha! She guided me through Standing Head to Knee pose and I was actually able to touch my forehead to knee on my left leg for like a second. Progress!

With that asana progress seems to come for me all at once only to fly away the next time I practice. Is it my mind that is holding me back or is it my body? I believe it is my mind because my body is capable.

Photo from Menno Indian's photostream on Flickr.

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ellelove7 said...

Heh, every now and then I will do something similar. It is such a test of faith, in my opinion. Faith in your knowledge of the asana. But again, the mirrors are for our alignment and not our judgement. :)

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