Back on the wagon

My last two classes are proof that I am back on the wagon. The Bikram wagon! With all other sports, even when I get tired of doing them... ie running I can still run as far as the day before even if my heart isn't in it. With Bikram yoga when, when one thing is off, my entire class can so easily go awry. Putting the past week in perspective- it doesn't seem like a big deal that I had a couple of off classes. So what if I lost my drive to go. But at that time, it felt like all hope was lost. I was off the wagon, never to recover. The end of the world.

Victoria taught my first class back in December. She also taught my class today. She went easy on us and let quite a bit of fresh air in. I was in the hot corner of the room so I didn't reap all the benefits of that cool rush. The first back bend of class during Ardha Chandrasana was magnificent! I definitely can't always go that far back.. especially in the morning. But today and last class too- both at 8PM, I could see my reflection in the glass window behind me. I feel my strong back opening up as how I used my arms to guide my body back and down. My arms are the compass in that asana. They are really driving me forward.. well back... but forward. I am more excited and less fearful.

My expression of Dandayamana-Janushirasana is still not that deep. My goal each time is to simply hold the asana with leg suspended but bent for the first 60 seconds. I try to kick at least 1X during the second set. Sure this is working for me, but I don't see much progress here.

I felt strong and confident during Trikonasana. With my strong class and extra fresh air I was really able to reach for the ceiling, open my chest, and push my hip down. I didn't cheat today!

I did not have that nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach during Ustrasana. Instead I pushed my hips forward, made my chest big and proud like a lioness, and sang to the mountains! Well.. not really because it was still hot in there- don't get me wrong.

I have two concerns. Firstly, I am finding that my legs and harms go numb more easily while I am sleeping and while I am sitting at a desk. This is disconcerting and for some reason I link it to my yoga practice. Secondly- I repeatedly have to suppress the urge to pee during class. I make sure to go right before but for some reason the urge gets magnified. Maybe too much info.. maybe some has the same problems?

**The photograph is of me (left) and my friend Karolyn (right). She is the one who introduced my to Bikram Hatha Yoga.

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