I am so sore

It is a rainy day in Vancouver. The rain here does not come fast and furious. Instead it comes slow, steady, and unrelenting. It is August 31 and fall is definitely here. Rainy Vancouver is a place all its own.

Today in yoga I broke through years of defeat. Because, you see up until today, I had given up the good fight of accepting the fate of a crappy day.

I live with a restless and heavy rock. Usually it sits there unmoving ever-present. Today it stirred. It rears its ugly head making my energy heavy and stagnant. I held my triangle, did not leave the room during floor series, and gave that dark rock the middle finger during camel pose. Whatever I am feeling, it is Ustrasana that always magnifies the feeling or issue positive or negative. Ustrasana shoves it right in my face. If I fall out, I loose. Mind over body. It is just a rock. I begin to chip away at it.

Class was hot. Two students left. One never came back, I see him in class all the time and really enjoy his presence. He has some type of birth defect giving him a lame right and not quite normal left leg. Regardless of his physical limitations, his body is so full of yoga. I really enjoy watching his flexibility and strength throughout class as he accommodates but doesn’t fold to his condition. He inspires me to overcome. Is it easier to overcome physical limitations than mental ones? With pain so obviously defined by physiological problems in your body versus indefinable rocks that just won’t move?

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