Five Aspects of Mind

Hard is not a word that comes to mind after today’s class. I am back from vacation and my body has no more to give after today. Hard does not begin to describe how difficult this path is looking right now. I have not done a 30 or 60 day challenge yet. I am sticking to 5 days in a row. After over a week of no BIkram, it feels like I am starting over.

Goal: 5 days in a row
Words: Five aspects of the mind as taught by Bikram and applied to my goal this week.

Faith: I believe in myself. I believe in a unique expression of my soul and that everyone has their own unique expression. I will not bend my nature this week to the will of the world.

Self Control: No one will steal my peace. I turn the other cheek despite the roar of my emotions.

Determination: I will complete my goal of 5 days in a row. Good days and bad days are part of life.

Concentration: I will embrace the heat and welcome the cold rush of water. I will remember that depth is just one aspect of the asana I am in. I will remember the yoga in my asana.

Patience: I accept my knee injury and will be patient with my progress this week. I replace frustration with patience.

**Photo taken in Newport Beach


belovely said...

Beautiful post! I love your simple, reasonable, focused set of goals here. I could probably use these exact same ideas and apply them to my practice! Hope your knee feels better soon, and that you benefit greatly from the consistent yoga classes. Were you in Newport Beach recently? Such a lovely photo! Hope your summer is winding down well!

Kirsten Flower Petal Blooming said...

Thank you for the positive sentiment. I did go to California for vacation with some girlfriends...Yoga on the beach! My Standing Bow Pulling Pose is not the most extreme expression but the form is correct so I am proud of the picture :) Fall is definitely here in Vancouver, I hope it is treating you kindly as well.

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