Yoga is a treasure chest

Class flew by today. I never thought I would say that.. but it actually went very quickly. I was convinced our instructor was cutting postures short but nope.. I think this is similar to how sometimes the room seems hotter <-- it's all relative.

Something completely beautiful happened today during the floor series. During a Savasana on my back I was feeling really hot. An oppressive kind of heat that is sharp. The heat changes all the time but sometimes it feels like fire. So I said, I am not leaving the room- what is that I want to accomplish by leaving the room when it gets hot- because last time I left- the air outside was not that satisfying. Yeah the cold water was fantastic but why do I keep getting so over heated.

The fire I felt must be coming from a different place other than the various heaters and humidifiers and vents. Realization- what I craved was movement. Energy created through movement and change. This was the sensation of heat. My body making my mind aware that all the change I needed lie within.

At this time, I visualized myself moving the blood in my body up and down each limb- taking extra care to stimulate blood flow in the knee joints. Going with the flow but still taking control- all in my mind I did this to my body. Then Savasana was over and I was excited by my newfound meditation. A sense of uncertainty came to me a couple of Savasana (is that supposed to be plural?) later when I attempted to do the same thing to my head.. so instead I focused on the blood flowing to the rhythm of my breath. Far out ;)

We get so greedy with our energy constantly moving all day and not paying attention to the gazillion of changes happening inside. This is why I love yoga, it is like a treasure chest.

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