Today was hot and challenging and amazing. It is my second day at a new studio and the instructor said that the room temperature stays the same, it is our bodies that change making it feel hotter or colder. I disagree with that statement. The beginning of class got my heart racing like it never has before and half of the class was sitting down on their mat by Garurasana (Eagle Pose).

It was a really special class today because my Best Friend decided to join me in her first class. She left the room but I am so proud she came back in and made it through. It was really special to share one of my passions with her.

Today I learned the reason we want our heels facing the back of the room in Savasana (Dead Body Pose). We never want our feet to face our guru. I believe that the guru is ourself.. I think this is right? I am my greatest teacher. My gaze changes from hard to soft and I learn.

I finally put my hands back down on my heels in Ustrasana (Camel Pose). I worked through the difficulties as discussed in previous posts and my perseverance and patience paid off. I reached back and proudly lifted my chest to the sky. My hips pushed forward and I looked back toward the back wall. Time did not exist. I really pushed through today on that pose and feel accomplished.

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