Today I went to a new studio. I did not notice a humidifier in the room and the floor was carpet instead of the normal spaghetti stuff that I am used to. During the the standing series we faced the front mirrors the entire time, even through Trikasana (Triangle Pose) which was hard because my feet kept slipping on the carpet. Bikram says that he could do these poses on ice but.. I am not Bikram!

The different studio gave me a different perspective. I realize my strength and how much my body has changed since starting this journey. There were several students close to finishing their 60 day challenge. I have never done this as my home studio does not push you but rather encourages you to push yourself. I would like to.

One thing I really liked about the studio is that virtues concentration, patience, determination, ect. were written above the front mirrors. I stood in front of the concentration section and focused on doing just that. One thing I did not like about the studio is that it was on the second floor. I like my feet to be closer to the earth when I practice. It was a good class and I sweat more than I have in a while.

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