Like a flower

When you instructor won't stop talking about the humidity/heat/cooling problems in the room, it makes it awfully hard to tell yourself that she is the the one who is delusional. But she was! Yes I was by the humidifier and yes it was hotter than normal, but I have enough problems trying to tolerate myself in the heat without the instructor saying, 'Kirsten if you can't handle it by the humidifer- then you can move over here to this corner.' I stayed in the room.

I had a soft class. My body feels so stiff today. Is possible to get less flexible? After six months of Bikrams, I have hit a point where I feel less flexible in different poses. What I attribute this too is my body realigning. I have pushed myself and now- as my joints and spine realign, my body is regenerating and I am having to go through the struggles with flexibility all over again pushing into the poses with my newly aligned body. This only a theory.

During Dhanurasana (Bow Pose) I still fall out- often, but I am able find a deep expression of it. Dhanurasana is a beautiful expression of the body and when I look at myself in the mirror, I see that I am on my way to a an even deeper and fuller expression. What a unique feeling to kick in that pose. The back leg doesn't just go up there the more flexible you get.. you really have to kick it. Determination is my friend here. My body changing and accommodating the pose as the seconds tick by. It is not my favorite pose, but it can be very satisfying.

I will not be practicing for about a week. With a new tattoo on my foot, I have to stay away from the studio for 1+week. I am not excited about that part as I have really been moving forward on my path of well being. I read an article explaining why Bikram is against tattooing of the body, as it is not our body but our spirit's body, thus not ours to 'defile'. I have mixed feelings about this, I see the point. But I still love my new ink. It is a symbol of me blooming, growing, and committing to well being.

Over the next week, I will be reading A History of Yoga by Vivian Worthington. Wish me luck, it is a heavy one!

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