Spines strengthen in different ways

My back has been healing from two posts ago. I had some inhibitions that the strength and flexibility of my Ardha Chandrasana (half moon pose) might be injuring my back- maybe my form is incorrect? But today during Ustrasana (camel pose) I pushed my hips forward then arched my back and felt a pinch. At the same time I felt this pinching, I let up on the pose slightly. The pinch made my back feel like it needed to pop. As a result my maximum in this pose today was not very deep. I was proud that I was able to listen to my body that much more to stop it just before I re injured it.

I felt the same swelling of frustration in my heart center today during
Ustrasana (camel pose). Lately I get so much out of this pose by merely by leaving my hands on my hips and not going to a full expression of the pose.

Pavanamuktasana (wind removing pose) is constantly a favorite for me. My body always responds immediately to this pose and I can easily adjust my form so that I feel that I am doing it the correct way. Today when I pulled both knees up, I went somewhere new with my spine. I am always so concerned with feeling the pinching in the hips, today my body (thanks in part to my proximity to the humidifier) let go and I was able to focus on really flattening out my spine. A sense of rightness and healing came to me.

My body is exhausted today. My spine is tired and so are my eyes.

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