Week 8

Week 8 FLEW by. It was marked by impossible morning classes and fiery evening classes. The morning classes are brutal for almost everyone. This is because we are all stiff and so close to the finish line. Pushing is hard for body and the mind ina morning class when you know it is only your first class of the day.

Since the heater was repaired and the power lines replaced in week 7, morning classes are colder. Occasionally the evening classes will warm up a bit but it is not the inferno I am used to here. Personally, I am discovering a connection between the food I eat and how my body reacts in class. When I cook for myself daily in the room, my body is your average run of the mill stiff but strong and sometimes flexible yogini, but when I eat out my joints feel like there is molasses in them. I am looking forward to testing my allergies for what exactly it is that makes this big difference. For anyone reading my blog who is coming to teacher training, I have included a grocery list for yours truly (below). I have not been too low on electrolytes or energy yet so I consider my diet a success. But remember that in the beginning I lost my appetite and ate much much less. However, I would never skip a meal, your body needs fuel even if it is just a little little bit. I like Bikram's mantra of 'The best food is no food' but that mantra is relative. My diet has absolutely changed in that I CRAVE healthy foods (the majority of the time). Again, these are not the foods that contribute to my stiffness but rather the foods that I can trust to nourish.

The majority of this week's lectures were given by Dr. Premsunder Das author of Yoga Pancea. He was very interesting but VERY hard to understand. He lectured on yoga therapy. The weekend rounded out to the International Hatha Yoga Championships.

I have changed inside out, bones to skin, fingertips to toes, here at training. I can see clearly and I have taken a very big step. The environment is so safe, your boundaries in view at all times. Every day is different and each day is a choice. Each class I am consistently kicking out in Standing Head to Knee on both legs for a minimum of 5 seconds, just like Bikram taught.

Grocery list: All items kept on hand pretty much at all times. The goal is to be prepared for any type of craving because you can't afford to not listen to your body here. My dad sent me an AMAZING care package with bars, nuts, and healthy munchies.
*Trader Joes canned soups (Split Pea, Black Bean, Lentil)
*Tempeh (cooked on George Foreman)
*Pre-washed salad
*Hemp Hearts
*Olive Oil
*Basalmic vinegar
*Blue Cheese
*Ginger Ale
*Juices with chia seeds
*Chocolate, cookies, candy
*Nuts- Thai lime and chili cashews,almonds,trail mix
*Hummus and Vegetable Chips (Trader Joe's brand for both)
*Oranges to put in water and eat immediately after class
*Granola+greek yogurt+grapes
*Dried Mangoes
*Whole Wheat pasta
*Organic Marinara with mushroom
*Parmesan Cheese good on salads, soups, and pasta
*MUNCHIES and lots of them

*Photography by Lisa Marie Johnson

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Anonymous said...

thanks for all the grocery tips! i pretty much eat that way now, so I wonder what I'll crave then! Hopefully i'll be going to training by next spring. i've really enjoyed reading about your journey and hearing about all of the fun and challenges you've endured throughout the process. thank you so much for sharing!!

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