Disneyland haunted house no windows no doors

So far the morning classes have been my strongest. This is not the case at my home studio and it is too early to tell if this will be a pattern. The evening classes are tough and the heat is cranked up to torture like boss likes it. Tuesday morning we had an amazing and refreshing teacher who lifted everyone's spirits and reminded me why I love this yoga. I think her name was Anna and she has been teaching for 30 years. Wednesday morning we had a teacher, Ulises from Mexico and I was at a low point. He delivered both an English and Spanish dialogue. His core message embodied the yoga within and the strength we can find there, as the only way out is through. I was at a low point this morning. But Tuesday night I delivered half moon in front of 400+ people and Bikram. I am happy to have it under my belt. Ulises reminded us that it is the, "thinking that gets us in trouble do don't think, put your hand in Bikram's, and trust the process. My toe stand has come leaps and bounds forward and it is only week one. My knees feel great and my hips are so open.

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