Weak two

Today I was naked.
I arrived late.
Found an awkwardly small spot that seemed to mirror how I felt.
Out of place and with all eyes on me, I was not the only one in the room.
I swear everyone was staring at me.
My ego shouting from the mountain tops, I have arrived.
Shut up stupid ego.
My body has changed since I started this school of yoga.
My hips are more aligned but still not right, my body is hard and lean.
Poised, I wait for the instructors voice, why so stiff?
There in the front for all to see.
Me, I hovered around myself, I couldn't look myself in the eye.

My strong body picked me up, capable of pushing through and falling back on its muscle memory. My body is athletic. It is strong. My shoulders are broad but I slouch. I carry so much.

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