Back in Black

I want back in the hot room. I didn't want to leave after class today and that is a first- maybe even a one and only!

But let me begin by saying that today was my first healthy day back at Bikram, I have not practiced in 10 days at my last post. I am definitely not 100%, not even close but I am trying the right way my 100%.

I said goodbye chiro and hello massage. My body has always responded well to massage and I should have went with my gut feeling regarding that, but I didn't. I made a mistake. Hopefully no irreparable damage was done, and I don't believe it was.

After two sessions with Jackie RMT I have the 'ok' to practice again but still careful on the backbends. Don't worry, I didn't even attempt one today because my back is so sensitive. The muscles tire so quickly and I am looking at my yoga practice getting back to good in terms of several months time. I am not rushing this and I really need to go slow.

My body is walking a tight rope between injury and strengthening and I am balancing ever so carefully. But back, I am back and oh my it was so hot in there. It was awesome because it is 15 degrees in Vancouver right now and my feet feel like ice cubes. I was ready to do another class, but I must listen to my body. My mind actually wanted to stay!

What backbends should I start to ease into, which ones should I totally avoid? I am only doing one set each of spine strengthening series because it where I am at right now. I am not even attempting floor bow.

I am going to be so sore tomorrow.

Favorite posture of the day: Standing bow pulling pose - Dandayamana Dhanurasana
Least favorite posture of the day: Half moon pose - Ardha Chandrasana


ellelove7 said...

You probably hate Half Moon right now because that one is supposed to help with slipped discs (if I remember correctly, that is something you were struggling with... Or was it just ready to slip...?).
As someone who has a fused spine, I never recommend skipping the back bends. SO good for you and whatever pain you feel. The pain you feel (or at least was in my own case) is the feeling of your body fighting the good that was trying to come to it. Fighting coming back into alignment. Give into it... Eventually the pain will stop. It is just like the soreness of any other muscle. Don't give into your fears about what will happen in that backbend. Give into the optimism of what will happen in that backbend. :)
One thing our studio owner always says is, "If you're tempted to skip a posture, that is the one you need the most." So true.

Kirsten Flower Petal Blooming said...

Ellelove- My discs are healthy, thank GOD! The quack/doc has made quite a few adjustments and my body is healing so I am just being careful. Thank you for the motivation and encouragement to push.

Lala said...

i think this might be the first time i'm commenting on your blog..so here goes!

i've had this nagging lower back pain for the past few months (was avoiding half moon and camel). yesterday, i was trying to find my footing during half moon and realized i wasn't using my calves for strength, just my thighs and my ass! whoa what a difference it made after i adjusted them. i guess i needed more 'grounding' and that spread all the pressure throughout my entire legs, as opposed to the hips and the butt, which greatly affects my lower back. i also used more of my lower abdomen in the floor series and it was different too.

i hope that helps :) if not, feel better soon.

bikramkirsten said...

Lala- I was not actually even AWARE my calves existed in that asana. Excellent tip <-- I will try to incorporate and bring awereness to my calves. Thank you for commenting, I don't mind if you keep those tips coming :)

Lala said...

same here. i don't even know if it's 'proper' but i figured it can't hurt. calves (ankles and knees too) are part of our legs afterall and part of that asana i would think. let me know how it goes!

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