Open the Door

It is so inconsiderate when a person in the front row will not shuffle a little to the left/right so that the person behind them too can use the mirror. It is your responsibility in the front row to make sure you are not blocking anyone.

Practice is supposed to be a focus on yourself, but there has to be a limit to peoples selfishness right!? We ALL have to share the same mirror. Luckily this has happened to me before and I wasted my entire class focusing on that problem, so this time- I took note.. was irritated.. but then let it go. Just had to say it here in case you read this blog and are ever in the front row.

My teacher was amazing today. She opened the door the the outside toward the end of class and it was heaven that came in. No one has done this for me yet.. I started Bikram in Decemeber and it has been too cold until now to do this. Fresh air, not air conditioning- just fresh cool air all over my body. As I was transitioning into the next asana, I caught my neighbor's eye and we both smiled like children at the joy and renewed energy felt.

How simple. Opening the door can inspire such an awaking. In life, when we get stale, bored, tired, stuck- just open the door. This is my mantra for the day. Hell, this is my mantra for however long I can grasp it. Get some fresh air.

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